Freedom Pet Pass truly builds the worlds best pet doors, and has always sold them exclusively online. This means having an attractive and easy to use e-commerce site was critical to sales.

When we first started working with Freedom Pet Pass their site lacked clarity and ease of use. We built their site to be more user friendly and to drive sales, resulting in a 40% increase in year over year sales in the first year with the new website.

Even with the world’s best product, planning and designing a well thought out e-commerce site is crucial to gaining online sales.

Freedom Pet Pass Websites

Printed Material and Graphic Design

Along with the website we provide Freedom Pet Pass with marketing material, installation instructions for their customers, installation templates, labels and window graphics.

Video and Animated Illustration

Freedom Pet Pass also makes use of animated illustrations to highlight the details of their DoubleMag™ seal and videos for installation instructions and to show the strength of the seal and the air-tightness of the product.