For restaurants like Grampa Tony’s it’s important to have not only a website, but a well built website. One that search engines like Google can easily serve up to your customers, whether they know they are looking for you or not.

We built a great site for Grampa Tony’s. Whether you are viewing it on your laptop or phone it looks good and is easy to navigate. It not only let’s Grampa Tony’s have their menu and specials on line, but by being built with search optimization and mobile viewing in mind, it makes their important information available though search engines without even having to visit the website. A Facebook page alone will not achieve the same results!

Grampa Tony's Website
Grampa Tony's Logo


As we worked with our client over the years we had the opportunity to revamp their logo.


From full color menus to simple single color flyers, we provide Grampa Tony’s with attractive printed material to match the quality of their product.

Grampa Tony's Print