Johnson Portables produces high-quality portable structures. The quality is such that they have found a niche in hospital and medical use.

We began working with the client doing their printing and graphic design work. We eventually created a new website for them and expanded into providing marketing services and video production.

Johnson Portables Website


After tornadoes tore through Louisville, Mississippi in 2014 destroying the Winston Medical Center, Johnson Portables was contracted to replace temporary facilities that had been erected immediately after the disaster. They wanted to document the story of what it meant to the community and showcase their product.


Along with printed material, Johnson Portables needed electronic documents to email to prospective customers. We re-purposed the printed material into PDF files that could be easily sent to customers. Included where links that launched the Winston Medical Center video as well as links to other web pages.

Click the image to download the PDF.

Winston Medical Center Fact Sheet
Johnson Portables Products

Printing and Graphic Design

We provide this client with letterheads, envelopes, business cards and other marketing material, including three ring binders and USB Flash drives.